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Best Wedding DJ In Tampa Bay


 So, you've got an upcoming event and you ask yourself: What should the entertainment be? Should I hire a DJ, a band, or just play a playlist? A DJ is an option you should seriously consider. Below are only ten of the many reasons to hire a DJ for your next party or event.

  1. Simplicity. Your DJ is your contact person which means s/he's your sound engineer, your lighting person, your MC, your filler when something isn't ready, and everything else you need. It saves you from playing telephone with musicians. You won't have to prep a playlist or worry about the guests that try to play music that may not be to the party’s taste. Your DJ is your partner throughout your event. He or she is as invested as you are in making sure the event runs smoothly and the bar is set high for future parties.
  2. Variety of Music. Live musicians can only cover their genre. An iPod only has the owner's favorite music on it. A playlist can’t switch styles when the party gets slow or build a party to it’s climax. Taking a party from boring to legendary often takes a large range of music from pop to reggae to country to trap to hip-hop to alternative. If the party wants it, the DJ has it at literally his or her fingertips and is able to make a transition to take the party to the next level. No pauses, no intermissions, no stress; just upbeat classics, feel good top 40, and energetic tunes that will take you on a rhythmic journey all night.
    Here is an example of the wide variety of genres and generations DJs can mix:
  3. “Retro,” but New School. A DJ, especially a turntablist (one who uses turntables in a stylistic manner), can really add flavor to your party. When a DJ is spinning records, they'll often have guests not only interested in the music but also in the aesthetic of the Technic 1200 turntable playing the current chart topper or old school classic. Young and old, many partygoers ask questions about how to get into DJing or if they can try to manipulate the record. With DJ programs like Serato and Traktor, a DJ can mix in thousands of new songs that never made it to vinyl with classic music that sounds best on vinyl.
  4. Lighting and Sound System. Do you need lights? Do you have a powerful sound system at your disposal? Most DJs have their own systems for lighting and sound. Imagine how convenient it is to hire a knowledgeable professional that can take care of all your entertainment needs as well as the support systems. A professional DJ takes all the guessing and stressing out of party planning and eliminates you from spending time and money on equipment.
  5. No Playlist Trouble. To have a great party you need to have a DJ that can guide your party-goers on a musical experience. Guests that only play their favorite music or unplug and plug in iPhones can be frustrating. Even music from a robot like Pandora, Songza, Spotify, or 8tracks can leave the music feeling bland and add stress wondering what the machine is going to play next. Nothing is worse than commercials, frequent song skipping, phone calls, and waiting for songs to load. Hiring a DJ will take the anxiety out of the music and allow you to focus on other things.
  6. Cost Effective. You may be asking yourself: how much should I be paying for a DJ? What is a DJ worth? There are some important details you should know before asking a DJ his or her prices: What kind of event are you hosting? How many hours do you need the DJ? Do you need a sound and/or lighting system? Where is the event? What is the date? These questions factor heavily into pricing. Also, the difference between a private and public event is huge. It is also very important to tell a DJ if you plan on charging a cover or have other entertainment. The more descriptive and precise you can be, the more accurate a quote will be. Ask around and make sure your DJ provides you with the exceptional professionalism you and your party deserve.
  7. Fun. Wouldn't it be great if you could enjoy your own party? With a professional DJ, you can do just that. You don't have to sit at a laptop all night or try to keep others from doing so. A DJ is a professional mind reader… Ok, maybe not exactly, but the DJ has the experience to tap into the vibe of the event and control it with song selection. There’s nothing like effectively reading a crowd. For a DJ, that is the goal every night.
  8. Reliable. A professional DJ will be there at least an hour before to set up and get ready. A DJ doesn't need to rely on a large team to help set-up your party. The fewer people your entertainment in contingent on, the more reliable it is.  As a bonus: a lot of the time they'll even set up early and play a warm up set or play some music while the rest of the party sets up. Creating an upbeat environment while setting up means that there’s already a contagious excitement before guests even arrive.
  9. Sponsors and Connections. DJs can bring even more than music to the table. Many veteran DJs have connections that will help you find the other pieces that you need for a successful event. For example, a quality printer for flyers or invitations, a place to rent a dance floor or stage, a promoter, or even a florist. Also, big industry leaders sponsor DJs. Beverage companies, like Red Bull and Ciroc, can lend credibility to your event. College and professional parties are able to take advantage of a promotional relationship with Red Bull. This is a great way to save and promote for everyone involved.
  10. Peace of Mind The value of knowing that you have a portion of your planning taken care of is priceless. The weight of booking talent can really hang up a party planner and effect the whole process. Lockdown a disc jockey, talk to him or her, and watch your ideas come to life. 

We hope we helped with your decision of what entertainment you’d like to hire for your next event. The main thing is to remember to work with people that will not only get the job done, but done correctly. Feel free to contact us if you need a DJ or would like a FREE CONSULTATION. 727-678-9264 or email: